October 8th, 2013

Last year we were privileged enough to be asked to pitch in partnership with Energy Live for a new drink hitting the market. This drink was a whole new concept. A soft drink, but a luxury drink. To be sipped and consumed like a fine wine. Not gulped and chugged like a cheap lager.

With the launch of the latest ZEO campaign, which has had a heavily active ‘birth’ into the market, we’ve finally had exposure to what pipped us to the post at pitch stage. To be fair, the campaign running at the moment was exactly what the brief expected. Nothing screams ‘born in Russia’ more that a beautiful woman in fur hat and coat, on horse back riding through an unforgiving and vast snowy landscape, with wolves in toe. Go big or go home. Well played.

The latest poster campaign for ZEO.

Zeo is here - poster ad

The brief we found to be an exciting proposition and we keenly threw down some ideas. Ideas a little more unconventional. Ideas that, although were unsuccessful in the pitch, we wanted to share.

Some key points that we thought important while considering the creative were:
– People’s changing lifestyles, health aware, and generally looking after themselves.
– Changing drinking habits and increased sales in adult soft drink market.
– ZEO is an idea born out of Russia which offers a real depth of drinking experience.
– ZEO is uniquely complex, with subtle fruit flavours, yet all ingredients are pure and natural.
– It poses an interesting juxtaposition and is unique to the market.

Below are some of our ideas. (All work is speculative and without permission of artists and photographers.)

‘The ZEO perspective’

With Zeo things aren’t as they would seem. The complexity of the drink plays with the mind and offers a multilayered drinking experience with depth of taste and sensation. From which perspective will you see ZEO?

Press executions using double meaning graphics by artist Fabio D’Altilia.

Zeo Perspective graphics Fabio D’Altilia

Zeo Perspective graphics Fabio D’Altilia

‘Welcome to ZEO’

ZEO is a place where purity meets complexity. Nothing is as it would seem. ‘Russian-esq’ in appearance, it’s like being inside the drink itself – multilayered, complex and mysterious.

Mood board.

Welcome to Zeo mood Board

Double and single page spread advertisement. ZEO characters representing each flavour by Oleg Dou.

ZEO characters representing each flavour

ZEO characters representing each flavor

Interactive augmented reality billboards for each flavour and character.

Welcome to Zeo Interactive augmented reality billboards

Interactive augmented reality billboards for each flavour and character.

Welcome to Zeo Interactive augmented reality billboards

‘I Am ZEO’

Russia is full of examples of where ‘purity meets complexity’. We have identified Russian personalities, landscapes, cultures, and scenarios that embody the brand. ZEO is a way of being.

Double and single page spread advertisement. (Techno DJ Nina Kraviz)

I am Zeo Techno DJ Nina Kraviz

Double and single page spread advertisement. (Ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov)

I am Zeo Mikhail Baryshnikov

‘Defy Definition’

ZEO is mystery. It’s complex. It defies definition. It’s a combination of pure and natural ingredients combining to give a multilayered drinking experience. It can mean many things, to many people.

Multiple press executions exploring the juxtaposition between the product’s ‘soft-drink’ class and it’s actual taste in reality.

Zeo - Defy Definition

Zeo - Defy Definition

‘I See ZEO’

There is more to ZEO than meets the eye. The product has depth, complexity and mystery, blended with purity and natural ingredients. Watch the mysterious hidden world of ZEO unfold in front of you.

Promotional sample handout with secret club or bar door pass chip.

I See Zeo - Club Entrance Key

Large outdoor billboard lenticular with flash reveal.

I See Zeo - Lenticular Billboard

Interactive bar surfaces and coasters that reveal images upon activation with bottle.

I See Zeo - Interactive Bar Surfaces

I See Zeo - Interactive Drinks Coasters

Augmented reality club entry discovery.

I See Zeo - Augmented Reality Club Entrance

Shard takeover stunt. A projection that appears throughout the night.

I See Zeo - Projection onto the Shard

Suggested straplines

Zeo Strapline propositions