July 31st, 2013

Hatched rebrand logo development

The cobbler’s children have no shoes!

Of course I am referring to the world wide phenomenon that seems to be rife within our industry. We tirelessly work and advise on brand and communication, but as companies we are all guilty of neglecting to use our own professional skills to help ourselves.

Over the last three years Hatched has grown, moulded and morphed into a very different animal to what it was back when created in 2010. We’ve gained so much experience and learnt a lot. Strengthening our core capabilities, refining our approach and growing in reputation within the industry. This has resulted in a more confident and mature way of talking – about ourselves and to others around us.

This evolution has meant it was an ideal time for a fresh look at our branding. A chance for us to turn the mirror on ourselves for a change, to go under our own knife and to practice what we preach. An opportunity to finally give Hatched that new pair of shiny shoes it so deserved… but this proved far more challenging than initially thought.

Very quickly we discovered that evaluating other business’s branding and strategy is a very different to focusing on your own. Endless evenings and weekends were spent thrashing out what we wanted to be about. There were many heavy and sometimes heated debates, all of us trying very hard to be as objective and non-biased as possible.

It took time but slowly a new, more fully actualised mantra formed around our original founding principle of ‘creative thinking for the independently minded. Testament, we thought, to our original branding three years ago. This then led us on to the visual aspect of the Hatched ‘look and feel’.

The logo, colours, typography, imagery and tone that represented who we were a few years ago had felt increasingly outdated. We had grown and matured so naturally, we wanted our new visual language to communicate this so that it could depict the personality of our newly evolved organisation more accurately.

In June this year we launched our new website. All other collateral followed later in the month. It’s been a long journey but an incredibly interesting one. Experiencing this process from the other side of the table has given us a new perspective and respect for all our present and future clients, who we try to challenge and push in all branding work.

Below are a few snippets from our journey.

Hatched rebrand logo development

Hatched rebrand logo

Hatched rebrand clearance

Hatched rebrand our services

Hatched rebrand logo mark

Hatched rebrand typography

Hatched rebrand business cards

Hatched rebrand estimate

Hatched Rebrand New Website

Hatched rebrand colours

Hatched rebrand stationery

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