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BNP Paribas Real Estate and Strutt & Parker Future Driven Campaign


BNP Paribas Real Estate and Strutt & Parker

The future in perspective

We were approached by BNP Paribas Real estate to help put together a new brand communication concept that unified their business and group of brands, and gave their people the tools to sell their business and vision, whilst ensuring we are aligned to the BNPPRE international brand/Group. The brief was to develop their internal ‘Future Driven’ strategy as an evolution on from their previous Next Chapter campaign.

They wanted the look, feel and overall messaging to communicate this strategic idea effectively, whilst positively reinforcing the real estate group’s points of difference and ambitions around growth, technology and sustainability; and their shared promise of: ‘continuous development at the service of our clients and society’.

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The Heartbeat

Future driven real estate

Our idea of ‘The Future In Perspective’ would see 150 years of experience through BNP Paribas Real Estate, Strutt & Parker and John Clegg, normally dressed in traditional financial brand marketing, now adorned with a graphical representation of the tomorrow. This transition from ‘Future Driven’ was about helping tell a large scale story of security and stability, across a range of services and sectors, to create stand out and excitement, but mainly to create value across the group. ‘The Future In Perspective’ is about leadership, inspiration, collaboration and guidance over today as well as tomorrow.
The narrative we created was an impassioned ‘call to arms’ of internal stakeholders but an open demonstration of how they look at their customers and the value they add. Of course, the notion of thinking ahead is not a new one, but it is one at BNP Paribas that is authentic and supported through their vast network. So we had to find a simple visual idea to personified our narrative that was accessible and immediately represented innovation and progression. Our treatment overlays a future-facing visual evolution of the brand to frame each item – to put each subject in ‘perspective’, creating focus. Imagery is treated to be higher in saturation, higher in contrast and sit behind the futuristic graphic elements. This graphical element is a signifier for all brands, creating a framework for the group to be recognised across all types of communications by all clients.

The ‘hive mind’ approach

The challenge for this project was to find commonality across all three brands and real estate sectors without compromising on the message. Therefore, the new creative and value proposition had to not only translate the future driven strategy, but also sit centrally to all three brands/divisions – created a hive mind – three brands thinking as one. In order to do that we had to understand the differences, the similarities, the behaviours and the appetite/openness for change. We also needed to understand how customer relationships worked so that we can adapt messaging through a hierarchy system.

As part of the project and through a multitude of workshops, we produced a discovery document that pooled all research and the collective thoughts, both internally and externally, which helped us to find direction, themes, and most importantly, customer need and value. ‘The Future In Perspective’ was an idea that was felt by all that not only best represented each brand’s ambitions and values, but was something they could easily champion.

Framing the future

We wanted the campaign to be digital first whilst still representing the traditional value of the customer base and group network. Our framing device and supporting elements were as important as the imagery or videos within. So creating characterful movement through a morphing frame helped to transition through an array of subject matter whilst capturing attention of the customer.

We established a versatile set of grid systems across everything from digital ads to press, outdoor to events, and everything in between. This meant that each communication could form it’s own unique layout and design, whilst happily sitting in a family of campaign material.


Campaign toolkit.

A 50-page campaign toolkit was created to provide a comprehensive overview of all the elements required to launch the campaign and beyond. This document included an extensive library of digital and press activation templates and a detailed breakdown of the methodology behind creating the visual identity for the ‘The Future in Perspective’ campaign.


For a strategy that is set to last a number of years it was important to provide a structure for the campaign that could be utilised and evolved without fatigue in that timeframe. Working closely with the internal marketing and design teams we formed design system that can stand the test of time and be easily adapted and built upon.
The campaign launched to significant positivity and has already be utilised across the UK on every form of communication and for each brand. The campaign has created a focus for the real estate group, to properly explain the true value and strength of the group to offer support and service to their customers, regardless of need, today and tomorrow.

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