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Emizio Branding & Digital Design




Climate, Finance, Technology

Making the invisible, visible.

The world needs to act to prevent catastrophic damage from climate change. Every year big businesses contribute to global emissions but becoming a truly sustainable business is complex and time consuming. Emizio are a start-up that exists to change this. Rooted in responsibility they are ready to make a real difference where it’s currently needed the most.
Founded by partners with a shared belief in their goal and each with a wealth of knowledge within the climate and the financial sectors, their mission was immediately clear; to be a world leading software solution at the intersection of climate and fintech, enabling businesses to measure, reduce and immediately offset their emissions.

The heartbeat

Enabling businesses to efficiently work towards their climate goals.

Currently companies waste time and money on the arduous process of hand-collecting the required data for carbon footprinting. Emizio simplifies this process by deploying next generation technology which integrates seamlessly with business and their existing practices.

With an ultimate goal of becoming the world’s largest voluntary carbon credit asset manager, Emizio approached us with the same problem as all other start-ups; getting the right people to notice them, understand the existing problems they solve and then believe that Emizio’s solution would really make a difference.

Our brief was to create a brand that reflected the expertise within and turn Emizio from a start-up, to an established, credible and industry leading brand.

Crafted around the core principles.

The new identity aims to reflect the personality of the brand by juxtaposing a visual simplicity, with a vibrant and commanding presence. The marque represents each of the three core pillars coming together around a central point, with each of the sections reducing in size to reflect the brands mission of helping companies to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.


A document to share with pride.

For almost all start-ups, having the idea is one thing but for it to succeed and come to fruition, investors are of huge importance. At the heart of the brief was the creation of a pitch document that the founding partners could be proud of. A document that spoke not only of where the brand were currently, but where they wanted be in the future.

We created the document from the ground up, recognising the key pieces of information and making sure it had the necessary room to breathe and be understood. We created a document that shone in any situation, and quickly portrayed the Emizio brand with heavy content, paired with bold imagery and the new vibrant brand colours.


A wealth of information at the tip of your finger.

The app forms the basis for the entire brand. Emizio might be built around clever algorithms and technology but its software is how it will be used and seen by the world. For this reason the app design had to be functional but with a flare of the new Emizio style.

Using the wireframes as a foundation, our design focuses on simplicity and clearly displaying data in one easy to use place. Designed in modular blocks, all of the information can be shuffled and tailored to each user to make it as understandable and as efficient as possible.


The Results

Working closely with Natasha, Alex and Srijan, we were able to create a brand identity that is not only cohesive but is dynamic, vibrant and approachable, whilst clearly elevating the Emizio brand to sit comfortably alongside its long-term aspiration of a global client list. Climate change, carbon offsetting and asset management are all major topics to try and comprehend on their own, let alone when combined, but by taking the time to fully understand the Emizio offering, the team behind the company and their belief about the mission allowed us to make sure that the identity system we created wasn’t just a short-term solution but instead was for the long-term success of the brand.

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