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The Net Zero Technology Centre Website Design


The Net Zero Technology Centre

Technology Driving Transition

The Net Zero Technology Centre is based in the heart of Europe’s oil and gas capital, Aberdeen, determined to transition the entire oil and gas sector, among others, to become net zero through technology development. They break down conventional thinking to develop and deploy technology at speed, working with a multitude of technology partners, startups, operators and investors.
We were challenged to design and develop a website, working closely with their marketing team, that would help to change the perception of the potential of a net zero approach. We had to move the experience, previously corporate and stock graphic heavy, to place the Net Zero Technology Centre as a tech leader, net zero think tank and advocates for transition to net zero relevant to all visitors.

The heartbeat

Unlocking the potential of net zero

The key framework for the website is built around user-centric content. With many audience stakeholders, we understood that not all content would be for everyone, from tech startups looking for funding and tech operators looking to invest to Universities and students, among many others.
Therefore we created a guided search system that led users briefly through a series of questions to find specific content that was tailored to them. We wanted the website to be a resource and a viable way to actively pursue ventures in technology through the potential of net zero for the business, the industry, the community and the world.

Iconography and animation

We created a suite of unique iconography and moving graphics based on the technology and service pillars that represented the connection and reach of the network through the spark logo. These helped Net Zero Technology Centre to better communicate pathways, content and subject matters without having to spend on bespoke photography – something difficult to capture for technology.


Card system

The card repository and dynamic grid system helped create a lot of content variation, helping NZTC to prioritise feature content from a mix of categories. The card system creates a buttoned way-finding system that reduces the chance of overwhelming the user before they’ve found it is what they were looking for. The card system creates intrigue and clearly indicates the content type beyond the click.


The Results

The website is a result of tight collaboration across the teams, from London to Aberdeen. The website has gained an array of positive feedback and has given Net Zero Technology Centre a website to be proud of and one they can and are already utilising to specific user need without being tied to an agency or costly processes.

The website has now been nominated for the B2B website of 2022. We’re also working on new Net Zero Technology Centre projects, including a framework for their TechX programme that helps support startups.

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