Vanguardia Consulting Brand Identity


Vanguardia Consulting

Making sounds in all the right spaces.

Vanguardia are an audio visual and acoustics consultancy. As a business, their specialities and reputation are spread wide within the industry. Up to this point their brand identity had always been tackled internally, but with the growth of their services and company expansion, the brand had been pushed to breaking point.

With Hatched onboard, Vanguardia wanted a fresh new start. A complete brand identity overhaul that would be scalable and express itself as a pioneer of ‘Audio & Visual’, but also represent the more serious ‘Environmental’ and ‘Expert Witness’ sides of the business.

The answer was a brand essence rooted in the scientific theory and data visualisations that Vanguardia’s expertise is based upon. The new bespoke typeface is bold and precise in its construction, with spacious tracking and clean, unfussy, sans serif letterforms. The neon blue graphic locked up to the right hand side of the logo is based on a sound wave under compression. This has replaced the word ‘Consultant’ in the old logo and represents Vanguardia’s multidisciplinary expertise in all fields of acoustics.

Lastly, and although not part of the actual logo, the ‘Sound & Space’ graphics are a concept created to be an integral part of Vanguardia’s brand make-up. These free-form, line-art structures represent sound manipulation and the architectural influence on acoustics. They are dynamic, changing from project to project and can be used fluidly across all collateral.

The brand was successfully launched earlier this year at Ministry of Sound (one of Vanguardia’s clients) and has now been fully rolled out within the company. It was a pleasure to work alongside such a highly skilled and passionate team at Vanguardia and we look forward to future projects together.