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Superdrug & Savers Apprenticeship Programme Campaign


Superdrug & Savers

Learn. Level-up. Lead-on.

Superdrug, one of the most prominent players in the UK’s health and beauty retail industry, and sister brand Savers, UK’s leading value retailer, reached out to Hatched to collaborate on a fresh apprenticeship initiative. Their existing programme had been branded several years ago and was showing signs of age. The aim was to undertake a comprehensive rebranding effort, injecting new life into the programme, and broadening its appeal to a diverse audience at various career stages.
This programme had the unique requirement of being dual-branded, aligning with both the Superdrug and Savers brands. It needed to strike a balance, captivating a younger audience while maintaining a level of seriousness and professionalism due with parents often being the main influence in their children’s decisions, as well as to appeal to young adults looking to change career or get back into work.

The heartbeat

Rise up.

Introducing “Rise Up” – our multi-tiered Apprenticeship Programme, meticulously crafted to empower individuals to ignite, accelerate, and elevate their careers in the dynamic world of retail.

Whether you were a recent school graduate embarking on a career journey, a dedicated employee eager to assume greater responsibilities, or an aspiring assistant manager with sights set on the pinnacle, Rise Up is purposefully designed to provide guidance, support, and training at every step of the apprenticeship journey.

To represent the campaign we implemented a cohesive design system, ensuring a consistent and recognisable visual identity that both separate and unify the core aesthetic. Our design balances playfulness and professionalism. It’s bold and nicely compliments the Superdrug and Savers brand guidelines, but still gives the programme an entirely new and more impactful lease of life.

Crafting unique visual journeys

We crafted a distinctive trio of offerings, each tailored to cater to diverse age groups and professional needs.

Learn,” our inaugural tier, is a year-long apprenticeship designed with students in mind. Our creative approach exudes a light and playful visual aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of school playgrounds, offering the idea of transition and a bridge into the workforce.

Level-up” is our second tier, specifically curated for existing employees aspiring to transition into management roles. Here, the design style takes on a visually distinct storytelling form, maintaining a sense of playfulness to resonate with the young adult audience.

Finally, “Lead on,” our third tier, is aimed at experienced managers seeking advanced leadership training. The design style for this tier is all about representing the fast-track nature of the course, moving away from the youthful hand-drawn elements present in the earlier apprenticeship programmes, embracing a more streamlined and sophisticated visual identity.


Brand toolkit

We put together an extensive brand toolkit document, which clearly defines and explains the three tiers of apprenticeships. This document includes brand assets, headline suggestions, tone-of-voice guidelines and ideas for press and social media campaigns.

To make it easy and efficient for Superdrug and Savers to use campaign materials, we also created a comprehensive “brand asset pack” using Canva, a user-friendly tool that the internal marketing teams utilise on a daily basis.


The Results

The “Rise Up” campaign has been a huge success, measured by a large increase in engagement, conversions and recognition across both brands. It succeeded in empowering individuals in the retail sector, offering guidance and support for career advancement at Superdrug and Savers. It balanced a design that was both engaging and approachable for younger, aspiring individuals and credible for parental decision-makers.

Time will tell, but we’re hopeful that the campaign will have a long-term effect on the development of future Superdrug and Savers leaders.

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