March 23rd, 2018

The question of how to get more traffic is always a tough one. Do you pay for ads, endlessly craft and expand the content or keep plugging and always post to social media? The short answer is all three. But where to start? It makes the most sense to start with the long game, which is search. Search engines take time to index and rank your pages so putting your best foot forward here to begin with will hopefully pay dividends down the line and help your website gain more click throughs.

Even though search engine machines programmatically catalogue your content, it’s still down to the people looking through the search engine results pages to ultimately make the choice which page they will open to find the information they are seeking. This is why your pages SEO metadata is probably the most important thing you should focus on to get more people clicking on your pages from search results.

The question is what do we need to do to make our search result shine out above all others on the page?

We can simplify this into three simple ingredients:

  1. The problem the user has
  2. Your solution to the problem
  3. The emotion and physical results of solving the problem

1. Problem
Show you understand or want to help with the needs of the user. This can be done by describing or reiterating the need

Thrive sets up your potential problems.

2. Solution
This is the product, service or knowledge you have to offer. This is where you can show your solution to the problem.

3. Results
This can be the clincher. By showing the user the result of your solution in a compelling or emotive way.

Mailchimp offer clear concise results

By combining these three rules you can easily build up a winning strategy. Why not try taking your SEO metadata to the next level and turn your listings in search into click-worthy free advertisements for your products, services and articles.