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Experience Studios Branding & Website Design


Experience Studios

The journey to the experience

Experience Studios is a new, visionary boutique creative engineering and production studio committed to transforming how people and audiences experience events. They tailor, engineer and design site-specific audio, visual, lighting, media systems and creative content.

They work closely with their clients, carefully listening to their needs to fully understand and improve on each and every vision.

Using innovative and adaptable creativity, technical expertise and specialised knowledge, they expertly manage and shape installations and content creation while being committed to incorporating cutting-edge technology to realise their clients’ visions fully.

So when approached, we eagerly accepted the chance to assist in creating a fresh brand positioning, visual identity and website for a budding enterprise in an already ground-breaking audio and visual architecture industry.


The heartbeat

Connection through positive shared experiences

Creative expression, communal events and public performance are the core of a healthy human society. Experience Studios facilitates and captures the essence of each venue or event through innovative audio and visual experiences, enriching the space between spectacle and spectator.

Hatched uncovered a brand belief around Experience Studios’ ability to bring people together in these experiences. Whether in a small group or a sea of people, to watch, sing, dance, or support, there is a joint energy that exists.

This energy is heightened by how engaged people are, individually and collectively, with the experience. This engagement creates a positive atmosphere and a cycle of opportunity for greater human connection.

So, we helped Experience Studios identify the great value in creating opportunities for human connection through positive shared experiences that influence and improve our overall wellbeing, and captured it as a position.

In short, Experience Studios are bringing people together through exceptional experiences.

Experiencing our creative studio

An extensive, three-stage, creative investigation was needed to explore all options. They were exciting, deeply collaborative sessions. Initially exploring a creative concept, then visual concepts before final refinement of then details about the overall brand rollout.

Brand guidelines

An extensive brand guideline document was created to cement the new brand proposition, purpose and visual identity. For a business in its infancy, it is imperative to help the team maintain a consistent and recognisable brand identity across all collateral.


The Results

Taking the time to fully understand the Experience Studios offering and the team behind the company, allowed us to select the right design approach and style aesthetic that match the futuristic offering of the business and all its services.

Working closely with the two founders, Mark Murphy and Kevin Luckhurst, as well as the wider team, we created a cohesive, striking, but subtle and scalable brand identity. Elevating the Experience Studios brand to sit comfortably alongside its global client list and partners.

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