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Gibson Shipbrokers Branding & Website Design


Gibson Shipbrokers

Navigating the way forward for London's oldest shipbroker

Gibson Shipbrokers, a longstanding leader in maritime commerce, wanted to comprehensively transform their brand identity, modernising it to meet today’s expectations and advancements. This strategic decision was not taken lightly, and it stemmed from a range of critical considerations including industry advancements, service evolutions and global expansion. The change had to reflect the company’s desire to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving maritime sector.
With a rich legacy of excellence and a commitment to navigating the seas of innovation, Gibson Shipbrokers trusted us to reimagine their brand identity and website. Our challenge was to finely balance visual aesthetic against a strategic foundation and gain standout in a myriad of competitors. Primarily the brand’s evolution had to signify Gibson’s unwavering dedication to providing top-tier maritime services.

The heartbeat

Controlling the wake in a world of wave-makers

The shipping industry is not for the faint of heart. It demands resilience, as well as an acute understanding of the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape, environmental regulations, and market trends. In this world, where speed is of the essence, time literally equals money, and every decision can have far-reaching consequences. It’s full of noise, competition, long hours and dependencies that can literally change the global economy with the tide.

In a sea of competition we wanted to create a brand identity for Gibson that signifies, above all else, calm and control – a level and trusted head. A brand that demonstrates leadership and trust, that uses the weight of its unrivalled experience to innovate into the future, forever moving forwards.The wake arrow, used as the brand’s primary signifier, indicates direction, cut-through and calm. The idea, born out of a mix of shipping lane graphics and waves created through a ship’s movement, is shaped to always show an upward trajectory and is geometrically crafted to show balance and motion.


From old to new again

We’ve retained the essence of Gibson’s heritage, built over decades of trust and excellence, while infusing it with a contemporary and dynamic aesthetic. The new logo, with its sleek lines and maritime motifs, embodies the company’s legacy of navigating the seas while symbolising its forward-thinking approach.

We wanted to stay true to the idea of calm and control, so we moved the logo away from uppercase forms to a warmer, calmer sense of legibility. The interwoven brand marque creates a connected relationship between concept and logotype.

Establishing the new identity

In the rapidly changing maritime industry, adaptability is paramount. The new brand identity positions Gibson Shipbrokers as an agile and innovative player, ready to pivot and thrive in any market condition.

The modernised brand speaks creates instance recognition to a global audience. It sheds any regional connotations, making it easier for Gibson Shipbrokers to engage with a diverse clientele from around the world.

The brand toolkit also includes a gold prestige iteration to mark special events and significant landmarks in the brand’s journey.

Accompanying this revitalised brand identity is an overhauled website that serves as a digital flagship for Gibson Shipbrokers. The new website is not just an online presence; it’s a dynamic platform designed to enhance user experiences putting Gibson’s people and services at the bow of the business.


The Results

Gibson Shipbrokers’ new brand identity and website modernisation represent not just a visual overhaul but a strategic investment in its future. It positions the company as a forward-thinking, adaptable, and client-centric leader in the maritime sector.

With the new brand identity and toolkit in hand, Gibson Shipbrokers is poised to navigate the ever-changing seas of the industry and continue its legacy of excellence for many years to come.

We were delighted to be a part of the rebranding journey and hope to voyage on with Gibson at full speed.

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