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Proppio Brand Identity



Putting people's homes in their own hands.

We were approached by iProperty, a company planning to reshape the marketplace with a forward-facing brand that puts the consumer in control. The brief was to relaunch the world’s only free-to-list online property selling and letting service. Coming up with a clear positioning, new name, values and an exciting identity that underpins the brand’s purpose, community and future aspirations.

Proppio Brand identity & positioningProppio Brand identity & positioning

The Heartbeat

Your home in your hands

We worked closely and often with the client to create the proposition and purpose for the brand. And in the end, it was simple. It mimicked the actual concept of the entire business – to bring people and property together.

We created a brand that empowered people to take control of their homes in buying and selling directly to each other. Your home is a place where you have created memories, you have an emotional attachment to it whereas an estate agent does not. So who better to sell it? On the other side of the fence, people buying homes are looking for a place to create a future, therefore you’d want to hear directly from the owner about it.

We wanted to harness this emotional significance both in the name itself and the strapline. It was important to the business because of the unique direction they were taking the industry that it was original and signified new direction. We also needed to find a url that made sense, after all, Proppio is a digital business.

In keeping the name simple, short, snappy and easy to pronounce, we created a memorable and playfully unique word.

The strapline that was born out of the proposition was ‘your home in your hands’. This is about putting the user (digital) in control of everything and having all of that literally in their hands. From the listing to all the decision making, buying or selling, you own it all.

Proppio Brand identity & positioningProppio Brand identity & positioning


The name ‘Proppio’ was adapted from ‘Propio’, Spanish for ‘own’ – a focus word that reflects the empowerment that people gain through owning the process of selling or buying a property.

‘Prop’ is a natural abbreviation for ‘property’ as well as the ‘props’ you need when selling or buying. 

To create a name that was purely bespoke, we added an extra ‘p’ to represent the core vision – bringing people and property together.


A bold new approach to property

Within the property industry colours become very ownable. If you see a for sale sign a long way off, normally you can tell which agent the listing is with just by colour alone.

Throughout the brand, from the logo to the website, and picket sales signs to outdoor advertising, Proppio’s overall bright, flexible and fresh visual identity expresses empowerment (for the people). It’s a bold new approach to the property industry, establishing and differentiating the brand in a highly competitive and saturated marketplace.

Proppio Brand identity & positioning

Logo design

The new logo uses a continuous line to form a home, and at the centre of the symbol there is a nod to both the letter ‘P’ for Proppio and a ‘For Sale’ sign. The single key-line links the functions of Proppio and represents the movement through the buying and selling journey. The logo mark is complemented by a bespoke logotype with a digital and contemporary feel.

Proppio Brand identity & positioningProppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioning
Proppio Brand identity & positioningProppio Brand identity & positioning

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