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Quorso Rebrand




AI, Retail, Technology

AI + Human > AI or Human.

Since being voted one of 2019’s top UK start-ups, Quorso has had the pedal to the metal with its mission of making growth and profitability effortless for the world’s largest retail businesses. Closing in on their first decade of business, they had begun to take a step back from the day-to-day, and evaluate where they currently were as a brand, where they wanted to be and how to embark on the next step in their journey.
Having forged a great working relationship with the Quorso team over the last few years, we were re-enlisted to take the learnings of the past four years, strip the brand back to basics and come up with a new strategy and proposition, along with a fresh brand identity and design system that would elevate Quorso to where they want to go.

The heartbeat

Evolving around you

The previous look-and-feel of Quorso had been built around ‘new frontiers’ and the idea of exploration, utilising a space theme based around the brands existing colour palette. Although this had vastly differentiated them within their industry, after a few years of use the Quorso team had begun to recognise challenges that the identity could not solve in its current form.

Challenges such as the Quorso red causing negative connotations within the app’s UI and the illustration style feeling too youthful; the brand purpose was born out of a start-up mentality in finding ‘new frontiers’ where as the new business solution was much more focussed and know. That focus was found through AI + Human > AI or Human.

With the previous branding project, the brand strategy was already in place. In this project we were able to undertake a deeper discovery process in order to create a new brand positioning and proposition.After close collaboration, scanning the market and hearing from users of the platform, we landed on a proposition that was engrained in the product of Quorso itself and what it does. The platform not only helps fields leaders to be more efficient but it learns from the actions they take, not just revolving around field leaders but evolving around them. The proposition was about empowering ops leaders every day with AI and data-driven technology. This allowed us to shift the focus away from the Quorso product features and on to the value for end users, creating our simplified new message; Evolving around you.

This proposition was then crafted into a detailed framework we call a ‘brand house’ covering everything from the purpose and responsibility through to the brand function, overarching positioning and use of language. This formed a solid foundation for the new brand identity, ahead of our design phase.


A marque centred around the proposition

Taking the new positioning as our launch pad we set about creating a new marque that puts the user in the centre of the action. Utilising the circular shape within the letterform as a nod to Quorso’s ‘learning loop’, we introduced the ‘satellite’ as a graphic device to visually form the distinct letter Q, but also act as a motion based extension of the brand.

The graphic, characterful device is a simple representation of Quorso’s offering as an ‘orbiting’ AI co-pilot to field or ops leaders, placing the audience at the centre of the brand as well as the product.

Defining a style for now and the future

Working alongside some of the largest retail businesses in the US it’s important for the Quorso brand to always remain consistent in their creative output. With an entirely new identity system and a comprehensive range of templated print and digital deliverables produced, the most important task was to create a detailed set of guidelines to make sure this was the case.

Housing everything from the new brand strategy and language, to core brand elements and examples of use, the new document would be the brand bible, setting out clear guidance for anyone who would come into contact with the brand.


The Results

Creating a completely bespoke identity system from the ground up has moved Quorso away from their successful start-up phase, breaking through the glass ceiling and into an elevated, more grown-up, exciting presentation, poised for the future and prepared to confidently sit alongside any of the biggest brands in the global retail landscape.

Embarking on such a deep discover and define phase of this project, asking tough questions and starting by defining a new, future-facing brand strategy allowed us to make such dramatic changes to the visual identity without losing any of what made Quorso, Quorso.

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