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Tod Brand Identity



From a digital print house to a world of possible.

In a five year evolution, Tod had become more than the ‘local digital printer’. They offered far more than just print-on-demand and they had a way of working with their clients that became more of a partnership. They had outgrown their previous brand identity by constantly investing in innovation and developing their knowledge in production.

Our brief was to create a strategy, identity and presence that positioned Tod as London’s most creative printer.


The Heartbeat

Creating a world of possible

We positioned Tod as ‘London’s creative production partner’ – a brand strategy whereby Tod has become a partner in production, where anything is possible. They empower clients to be creative without the restrictions that the print industry can sometimes present.

We created the strapline ‘A world of possible’ to inspire prospective clients to be limitless when it came to being creative. It signals that Tod, no matter the challenge, can deliver (or innovate) a project based on production that champions the brand purpose – to create an uninhibited, creative London.



Inspiring people to go beyond

With this more grown-up persona, Tod needed a fresh look-and-feel for their brand identity that matched the new direction and aspirations of the business.

The creative direction was inspired by astronomy, space travel (unknown/innovation) and partnership. We wanted the client to feel that their ideas could go beyond the normal limitations of print production and find new frontiers with a production partner that will help to innovate creativity and remove any inhibitions.

Logo design

Consolidating the name to Tod was a step to making the business more approachable and personable, in keeping with their naturally friendly nature, rather than an acronym to a name and service that was no longer relevant to what they were offering their clients.

In design, a curvature is drawn between the ’T’ and ‘d’ of Tod forming a familiar profile of a planet with its own orbiting moon – signifying the partnership between Tod and their clients. It’s also a homage to their heritage in print – the side profile of a printer’s paper rollers. The eternity of space is a fitting context for Tod’s new innovative and evolving approach to print production.



A digital screen never really does Tod’s palpable production true justice, especially on a website based on mobile first design. Therefore, the website UX is designed around bringing the client together with Tod in person.

The website’s light and bight look-and-feel gives clients a taste of what Tod have done before and works as inspiration for what could be done. Overall, it gets to the point, as users might be on the move and are most likely leading busy lifestyles.

By using modular design we have empowered Tod to edit content and create new pages for future campaigns and services.


The brand is now unified across all forms of communication including stationery, sales packs, interior plant/warehouse design, campaigns and signage.

The new brand was an instant hit with internal staff and group members of Tangent PLC. The unification of communications, and having a purpose that the entire team could get behind, meant that Tod were able to present themselves in the correct manner and speak to clients confidently about their services – as a partner rather than a supplier.

The brand perception externally has been well received and created a lot of interest. Clients that Tod are speaking to now fully understand what they are capable of and the benefits to their business. They are slowly but successfully building their reputation as London’s creative production partner.

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