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A world of possible

Back in 2012 we worked closely with Tod, previously known as T/OD (Tangent on Demand), on their brand identity based on the colourful employee personalities and their friendly can-do attitude to print.

Five years on and the business has changed significantly. They have outgrown their previous brand identity by constantly investing in innovation and developing their knowledge in production. They are more than the ‘local digital printer’ that they were and have evolved into ‘London’s creative production partner’ – a partner in production where anything is possible.

With this more grown-up persona, they needed a fresh look-and-feel for their brand identity that matched the new direction and aspirations of the business.

The new logo embraces the strapline of ‘a world of possible’ which is also used as their mantra, a driving goal for what they offer their consumers. In design, a curvature is drawn between the ’T’ and ‘d’ of Tod forming a familiar profile of a planet with its own orbiting moon – signifying the partnership between Tod and their clients, where the business those partnerships. It’s also a homage to their heritage in print – the side profile of a printer’s paper rollers. The planetary, eternity of space is fitting context for Tod’s newly innovative and evolving approach to print production. We very much look forward to exploring this concept further in partnership with Tod.

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